DiRAC SAFE Documentation

DiRAC is the UK national HPC service for particle physics, astronomy and cosmology.

This is the documentation for the DiRAC SAFE service management web interface provided by EPCC. To log into DiRAC SAFE please go to:

This documentation draws on the Sheffield Iceberg Documentation and the documentation for the ARCHER National Supercomputing Service.

DiRAC SAFE Overview

The SAFE is a web-based application that is used for:

  • Administering DiRAC user accounts
  • Reporting on usage of the system
  • Helpdesk and support

DiRAC SAFE for individual users

All DiRAC users have accounts on the DiRAC SAFE through which they can view the resources they have access to, administer their account, query their usage of the service, and submit support requests.

DiRAC SAFE for project leaders

Project leaders (PI’s and any designated project managers) can also use the SAFE to approve requests to join the project, and generate reports on the project usage on DiRAC.

DiRAC SAFE Policies

Policies governing how you use SAFE and how we look after your personal data.